Marketers love a good rebrand, including the rebranding of language itself.

Social change often starts with the words we choose to talk about a group or situation, but I’m more curious about popularized terminology we now genuinely use (i.e., phrases we say without irony) whose origins were potentially conjured up in the boardroom rather than in the basements of social justice.

Some examples that come to mind:

-Vegetarian = Plant-based
-Search = Google
-Pound sign = Hashtag
-Weed/pot = Cannabis
-Go on a diet = Adjust your nutrition (okay, maybe that one deserves a mandatory roll of the eye)
-Career change = Pivot
-Freelancers = Contingent workforce / Gig economy

What else you got?

Just throwing some thoughts out there. Agree, disagree, and add to the list.

Advocates of non-binary gender equality, and grammar nerds, collectively rejoice. But what will the bots think?

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1. “Every customer thinks they want one thing, but we discover what they actually need.”

Spot the errors in the sentence above? According to old-school grammar police, this sentence should be corrected to:

2. “Every customer thinks he or she wants one thing, but we discover what he or she…

You’re too damn busy running the world to do it all yourself

Ghostwriting can get a bad rap. Journalists love a good debate over whether or not the profession is even ethical. Since I make a living by ghostwriting for executives and entrepreneurs, I’ll let you guess which side of the argument I rest on.

I want to give a huge shout…

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